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Psychic Information


To Schedule a Reading:


Phone: 717.580.1076. I prefer email (or texting)


Reading Options:

In-Person Individual Readings  

Jan's Music & Education Center 807 Chestnut St. Lebanon, PA

  • $2 a minute with a 25 minute ($50) minimum

  • You can divide the time with a friend if you wish. 


Psychic Parties 

Jan's Music & Education Center 807 Chestnut St. Lebanon PA 

  • Divide how you wish--$30 for 15 min.--$20 for 10 min.--$10 for 5 min.  11 people maximum. Can be BYOB. $50 minimum. 

  • Have a party in your home or place of business if it's close to Lebanon PA.


Phone Readings

  • $50 for 25 minutes

  • $2 a minute for any amount over a 25 minute minimum 

Payable via Paypal, Venmo, Check or Money Order. I will call you at our arranged time.


Email Readings

  • Send 3-5 questions to me
  • I will take 25 minutes to answer. $50

Payable via Paypal,Venmo, Check or Money Order.


Readings at no charge for law enforcement.

"Jan McGee assisted me during several past criminal homicide investigations. Her assistance in providing psychic information about potential defendants and their locations assisted me in the timely arresting and bringing to justice individuals who were involved in those crimes."


- Paul Zechman, retired Chief County Detective of Lebanon, PA

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