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About Jan 


I grew up during the 1950s as a shy child in Lebanon, PA. I remember the thrill of learning to read. In second grade I got my first vocal solo and started piano lessons. From then on, music and words tied for first place in my heart. An awareness of my psychic abilities evolved, but I didn’t talk about it – not even to my family.  


During that era, it was unusual for women to work. Since my mother had a job, the other kids’ moms often asked me why. I told them – she’s a nurse; we need nurses. Mom’s open-minded attitude about women’s abilities meant that when my elementary teacher gave me an assignment on a historical figure, I saw the lack of women in history.


After I graduated from Penn State with a BA in music and an MA in humanities, I had many different careers. I was a flight attendant; worked in a variety of bands; did some radio and television; wrote corporate videos; and taught music, speech, and drama.


In my early thirties, my daughter Layla was born, and several years later, my son Gavin. I wanted to be the best parent I could, so I researched other mothers. At the same time, I used my psychic abilities and became known among local and state police departments as I worked quietly on murder cases. After many years, I openly discussed my unusual gifts and starred in an episode of Psychic Witness on the ID channel.


I love to teach, research, write, and at the same time, use my psychic abilities. I find joy in words, walks, and my changing role as a mother of grown children.



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